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The outlined terms and conditions contain the rights and obligations following the Website usage by Users. We retain the right to alter these Terms and conditions without notifying Our Users. Any alterations to the Terms and conditions will be announced on the Website and, where necessary, emailed to Users.

1. Definitions of terms

The following are the meanings of the capitalised words;

• Data refers to all information entered by a User on the Website.

• A cookie is the small text file that the Website or other websites install on Your computer when You visit the Website.

• Data Protection laws are any relevant rules relating to individual data processing that include the GDPR, Directive 95/46/EC, and any national laws and regulations.

• Website refers to www.nationalcasinoreview.com and its counterparts in other languages.

• The developer of the Website is referred to by plural first-person pronouns such as We, Us, or Our.

• A legal person viewing and using the Website is referred to as a user. Second-person pronouns such as Your or Your refer to User.

• Privacy Data Protection Policy refers to the Website's privacy protection policy associated with User Data.

• The EU Cookie Law is the European Parliament and Council Directive 2002/58/EC of July 12, 2002, as modified in 2006 and 2009.

2. General terms and conditions

2.1. We aim to make sure that the website information displayed is correct. However, we cannot assure the reliability of the information given on the Website because of the rapidly changing world of online gaming. We are not liable for any damages incurred by the use of this website content.

2.2. The Website includes links to other websites. We have no control over the content of this third-party websites and bear no accountability for such content. Before engaging in any gaming activity, we strongly advise Your to read all third-party Websites' terms and conditions.

2.3. Website access is prohibited to persons below 18 years of age or below the age that online gambling is outlawed in the User's location. It is the User's full duty to establish if online gambling is allowed in his or her location and to check any other regulatory restrictions that may be in effect. When visiting the Website, the User certifies that he or she is 18 years old and has the full legal capacity.

2.4. We would like to inform Users who are Data subjects whose individual information is collected via access to the Website. They agree to the use of their Personal Data by the Website in line with conforming to the Privacy Protection Policy.

2.5. For full compliance with local regulations, we restrict access to the whole Website or particular sections of the Website or material to Users from specific jurisdictions.

2.6. Should any aspect of the Terms and conditions be found to violate the laws of the User's jurisdiction, the subsequent sections of the Terms will retain their legitimacy.


2.7. The Website is not a facilitator of online gambling activities but rather a source of impartial information and assistance for anyone looking to play casino games. Any content on the Website is only for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal counsel.

2.8. This product may include Google-powered translation. Google expressly denies any warranty related to explicit or implicit translations, along with any warranties of authenticity, dependability, and any intent of warranties of durability, use for a specific purpose, and various regulatory.

3. Privacy protection policy

3.1. This Policy is applicable to all Website Users, including the Website's proprietor and developer. Data Privacy policy covers any Data acquired via the Website.

Scope of Privacy protection policy

3.2. 1 This Privacy Policy solely covers Our acts and those of the Users on just this Website. This policy does not apply to any other websites accessible through this Website, mainly but not restricted to any connections to online casinos.

3.2.2. We decide how Your Data is processed and used for Data protection Laws.

Data collected

3.3.1. In line with this privacy policy, we may collect and process Data of Our users, which may contain Personal Data:

Email address and other contact information

3.4.1. Information that includes the operating system, IP address, and the current browser in use is automatically captured.

How Data is collected

3.5.1. We get information in by User-supplied information, and Data is captured automatically.

User-supplied information

3.6.1. We acquire Data from Users in a variety of methods, which include:

• Users contacting us through email or other ways through the Website, we collect the following information:

• When Users file allegations to enhance Our services (although, Users are not obligated to file complaints or provide their email address or other personal information).

Data captured automatically

3.7.1. When Users visit the Website, some information is automatically gathered, such as Your browsing session on the Website by default; this includes the date, Your IP address, time, and how often Your visits are, and how Your interact with the Website.

Our use of Data

3.8.1. We may periodically request any of the Data mentioned above to provide Users with the best service possible while using the Website. In line with this Privacy Policy, Your Data may be used for the following specified purposes only;

3.8.2. Additional purposes for which the User-supplied the Data We may use Your Data for the aforementioned reason if We believe it essential for Our legal requirements.

3.8.3. Personal Information about Our Users is never shared, leased, or sold to third parties.

3.8.4. Correction and general betterment of Our services

Data retention

We will only keep Your Data until Your desire that the Data be destroyed unless a longer retention term is required or authorised by law or for as long as it takes to accomplish the purposes stated in the Privacy Policy.

Safety of User Data

To protect Your Data, we utilise the following technological and organisational security measures:

1. We save Your information on safe servers.

2. Only the website administrator has access to the Data.

3. The safeguarding measures include procedures for dealing with any uncertain Data breach.

Users rights

In regard to Your Data, Your have the legal right to;

1. Right of access – it's Your right to obtain a copy of the Data We have regarding Your, as well as to have that information modified, updated, or deleted. We may deny Your request if it is permissible for us to do so. If we decline Your request, we will explain why.

2. Right to rectification – it's Your right to have Your Data corrected if it is incorrect.

3. The right to be forgotten entails the ability to request that Your Data be deleted or removed from the Websites' systems.

4. Right to control how we use Your Data – it's Your right to stop us from using it or limit how we can use it.

5. Right to Data Portability - the opportunity to require that Your Data be moved, copied, or relegated.

6. The right to oppose is a legal term that refers to the ability to object to anything


1. The Website may store and access several cookies on Your device. We strive to use cookies to improve Your next experience on the Website. We select these Cookies with consideration and made every effort to maintain Your privacy.

2. This Website's cookies are used in line with the current EU Cookie Law.

3. In Your web browser, Your may activate or disable cookies. Most web browsers allow cookies by default. However, this may be altered.

4. Your have the option to remove Cookies at any time, but it will consequentially lead to loss of stored information that allows access Our Website more rapidly and easily.


1. Your rights pertaining to this Privacy Policy may not be relegated to another party.

2. We may be obligated to relegate Our rights pertaining to this Privacy Policy if We believe Your rights won't be infringed.

3. If any competent authority considers that any clause of this Privacy Policy is unlawful, legally dubious, then that clause will be presumed to be deleted to the extent necessary, and the validity and enforcement mechanisms of the other clauses in the Privacy Policy will be unaffected.

Changes in the proprietorship and control of a company

1. We may extend or downsize Our corporation occasionally, which may include the sale and change of proprietorship of the entire or a section of the Website

2. We may switch Data provided by Users to a new proprietor or newly influencing party if it is pertinent to any element of Our corporation. The new proprietor or influencing party will have consented to the Usage of Data for the reasons which were initially provided to Us pertaining to the terms of Privacy Data Policy.

Other websites' links

Links to other websites are available on the Website. Despite the fact that we thoroughly check the websites to which we link, we have no influence over them and are not liable for their content. This Privacy Policy is not viable to the other Websites Your visit. Before using other websites, You should read their privacy policies or statements.