National Casino New Zeland Review

National Casino is an amazing site that you as a player or an aspiring player can use to make extra money and also have an amazing time. The site offers you incredible experiences that will draw you further into the gambling games. There are numerous games that you can play.

To make things a bit easier for you, it is better to go through reviews from various players who have experience in it. You will be able to know the dos and don'ts of the games before engaging yourself in them. The gambling games at National Casino are easily accessible to new players, so they do now go through the hustle and tussle of being a newbie.

Certain aspects such as security are usually of concern to both seasonal players and new players. In this Casino, you are safe to conduct transactions since they use certain technologies that encode your personal information, thus ensuring that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

About Casino

Due to many reasons, many individuals choose to shift their focus on hobbies such as online gambling, which have both good and bad reviews. It is easier to fall victim to the addiction when you choose the road to online casinos.

Casinos provide the perfect place for people to meet, share drinks and play games till they get tired and run out of money. You need to have discipline if you are looking to be successful in casino games.

Not everyone can be good at gambling. People have different abilities. If you notice that gambling is not in your best interest, it is better to shift your focus somewhere else and take part in different activities before you can run bankrupt.

One of the major cons of gambling is addiction. You will not know how or when the addiction starts. It starts when you gain further interest in the game that a day cannot pass without you playing. At this point, you need to consider certain things before you can mess up.

You need to ask yourself if you have enough discipline to continue gambling games. Discipline, in this case, is if you can resist the urge of using money set aside to fend for other needs in gambling or not. Once you can overcome it, it becomes much easier for you to continue with gambling.

In most casinos, the players play dirty against their opponents. Rigging is rampant since they know that no camera or croupier is monitoring their actions. If you have less in gambling, choose a casino that people trust according to reviews they make online.

Tournaments are very popular in casinos. If you are a regular player, taking part in such tournaments will help sharpen your wit. You will learn new skills that will help you whenever you are gambling.

You must consider levelling up in the VIP programs. You can win many exciting prizes, such as free spins and cash, which they deposit into your account. The higher ranking you shall receive as you progress in the games will be an added advantage.

Today, you do not necessarily have to visit the casino for you to gamble. There are great improvements in technology. Therefore, you can be able to play casino games on your mobile phones. Choose a location that best works for you and kick-start the games.

Mobile Casino

Gambling while spinning the reels is a whole lot of an exciting experience for gamblers. It may not always be convenient for players to play the game physically due to many unavoidable circumstances. The physical location of the Casino may not be close to where you reside or your workplace.

For such reasons, the managers of the National Casino developed a network that gamblers can use to log into the site's software and gain access to the games easily. Casino has made gamblers gain other experience playing the games on their mobile phones or any other devices that can access the internet.

There is no app that gamblers can download. This makes it so easy for players to use the site whenever they need to. As long as your mobile phone can access the site, then you are good to go.

Nonetheless, the Casino provides a desktop shortcut that favours any device. Using this desktop shortcut, you can easily access the game lobby and other major gambling site features.

By using the mobile phone, you can also go through different reviews that will help you understand the games better.

Games and Games Providers

Since the national casino is a huge platform, it has come up with different ways that its users can conveniently play games. With the major improvements in technology, your mobile phone can do more than you thought it could. You can gamble or play casino games on your android phone or any other IOS device.

All you need to do is to have good internet connectivity, then you can use your mobile phone to sign in or a desktop to sign in. You will then have exposure to plenty of gambling games that you will enjoy playing.

Unfortunately, there is no Casino app that you can download. However much easier it is to log in straight to the games using an app is, there is none available. Lack of an app should not discourage you because you will eventually be able to find numerous gambling games from the site the moment you sign in.

This is despite the type of device you are using as long as it is a smartphone. You can stream live dealer games from the site and play them using your mobile phone. These sites have well-optimization that suits their punters.

1. National Casino Games

Since it is popular, this gambling site has taken the initiative to team up with numerous software developers to offer amazing games to its players. The world-class software developers are creating sites that gamblers no longer need to download the games or apps but instead; they can use their browsers to find the sites.

Today, the majority of the casino games are instant to play and most gamblers can even play them on their mobile phones. What they need to have are mobile phones and network connectivity. There are numerous types of casino games that are so popular all over the globe. Below are some of the games:

Popular Games

Some popular games include; Aztec Spell, Jonny Cash, The Dragons and Gates of Olympus. However, the most popular games at National Casinos are slots.

New Games

The new games include; Dolphins Dream, different table games, African Rampage and Larry the Leprechaun. Every year there is the release of new games into the gambling world.


One important thing at the casino is that it does not matter whether you have experience in it or a new player. You have the right to bonus entitlement. Everyone has something that they will gain at it. You may be a new player or a seasoned one.

It does not matter; the casino has something for everyone. However, a regular player usually enjoys a promotional offer that steers their desire to play. They act like incentives that fuel their desires at the game. These bonuses come in different packages. Below are some of the bonuses.

1. Welcome Bonus

As a new member at the game, there is always a token you receive. You get this award the moment you sign in as a new player. However, it is not just a matter of creating an account. Then you receive the bonus. First, you need to make two deposits the moment you sign in to receive the bonus. There is also the least amount of £20 that you need to deposit and nothing lower than that.

First Deposit

The moment you make your first deposit, you receive offers of free 100 spins and 500 NZD, which are equivalent to a 100% match-up bonus. The spins shall come in two; the first batch is immediately after you make the deposit, while the second round will come in the next 24 hours. You can take advantage of the free spins and use them in the slots of the games available. The game can be 'Avalon: The Lost Kingdom'

Second Deposit

Unlike the first deposit, where you receive a 100% match-up bonus, you shall receive a 50% bonus here. The amount you need to deposit rises too from 500 NZD to 1000 NZD. The number of spins that you will receive too will reduce from 100 to 50. In the second deposit, things change drastically.

You will be making more deposits, whereas the number of spins and bonuses shall reduce. You are no longer a new player but one who is already gain experience in the game. You already like the game, so there is no need for more incentives.

2. Friday Reload Bonus

For regular players, it is customary for them to gamble every Friday. There is usually a code that they receive, and one can comfortably gamble the weekend away. This type of bonus usually provides a maximum of 1000 NZD and 100 free spins after making a £20 deposit. You shall therefore receive a 50% match-up deal. The free spins shall come in halves, as stated earlier.

Monday Free Spins Offer

Just like the name suggests, you play the game on Monday. After a long day at the office or at work, you can get to clear your mind and relax a little bit by spending your time at the casino. There is a special type of code that you shall use; SPINME.

The offers you will receive from the code are great and the more you deposit, the more free spins you shall receive. For instance, if you deposit 500 NZD, you will receive 100 spins.


National Casino tournaments averagely run weekly. The tournaments are different, of course. As a gambler, for you to succeed in joining the tournament, you need to make a single deposit at least. The only sure way that you can earn points is by placing bets on slots.

1. Mystery Slot Race

This type of tournament runs every day, and as it is customary, each player needs to deposit before they can participate. You place the bets against your opponents. There are different types of tournaments in this gambling. The selection of players ends after they choose the first 100 players.

The players do not receive their prizes immediately but after each race round. The only time players can receive free spins in the tournament is when the Four Lucky Diamonds slots are available.

The prizes receive wagering three times, and the winnings too are wagered after two weeks. The winner receives 1500 EUR and the 80th -100th winners receive ten free spins.

2. Queen’s Table Battle

This type of tournament usually runs for three consecutive days. You can only be able to participate if you make a deposit. You can only earn points if you place bets on live dealers. In every £1 you place on bets, = one leaderboard point. In Queen's Table Battle, there are no slots.

They usually select the best thirty top players in the tournament who share the prize pool. It is a requirement that the winnings be awarded within seven days. Gamblers do not receive awards immediately but after each race round.

The winner usually goes home with at least 1500 EUR. The first runner-up wins 1000 NZD while the second runners up win 1500 NZD. The amount decreases as the numbers go down gradually. From the twenty-sixth to thirtieth place, they win only 50 NZD .

Live Croupier

The everyday life of a live croupier usually rotates around being filmed by either a single camera or multiple ones. He is to manage the game without any hardship at all. Players will miss out on the chances to spin but will get the experience of similar graphics.

For players to get a clear vision of this, they will need to sit in a studio similar to a physical casino. To create that feeling of realness, he will need to develop an atmosphere that resembles the real casino. They can achieve this by giving out instructions to the camera. To make things easier, he will be in a casino and not a studio.

The live croupier will be able to get a display on all live bets that gamblers place on a virtual monitor. Through the messaging system, players can be able to hold a conversation with the croupier.

The live croupier strives to give the players a real casino gaming experience. A game becomes more fun if it's real, but in instances where that become impossible, you can easily create an atmosphere for the gamblers. The messing system makes it appear more real. When players realize that they can communicate with the live croupier, they become at ease too.

Live Croupier casino games are quite different from the standard online casino experiences. The major aspect that differentiates the two is the Random Number Generator. It is a vital system that sees to it that no form of rigging goes on since it focuses the camera on the table at all times. Rigging is widespread in gambling and usually, the oblivious party suffers the losses.

The Random Number Generator focuses your eyes on the table the entire period the game is on. It would be best if you choose a casino that you trust whenever you are playing live croupier.

VIP Club

At National Casino, you enter the VIP level when you make your first deposit. You do not need to be an old hand on the platform for you to become a VIP. The Casino offers nine different stages of the VIP program to its players. To keep on climbing the ladder to the highest VIP level, you will need to become a regular player of the casino games.

As a VIP club member, you will enjoy different features that come as headers. They are part of the loyalty program for gamblers in this club. As a player, you have the liberty to join the club for free. Although for you to gain comp points, you need to wager real cash. The more deposits you make, the higher you will climb in the VIP levels.

In each level, as a gambler, you meet different requirements and also receive different rewards. Here is what happens in each level you attain:

In level one, you receive a total of twenty-five spins for the platinum lighting spot and twenty-five comp points. It is the easiest level that a gambler can attain.
Level two; you can only achieve it once you have a total of 100 points. If you use the Lucky Lady's Clover slot, you will be able to secure 50 free spins.
As for the third level, you will receive 15 NZD for 500 comp points. You will also get an award of 20 free spins.
As the levels progress, the demands heighten as well. In the fourth level, you will need to have 1200 comp points, and from that, you shall receive free 40 spins and 30 NZD. The slot shall be the Aztec Magic Delux slot.
The fifth level comes with a 75 NZD reward, and you will need to have 3000 comp points. It is one of the hardest levels to attain.
For the sixth level, you need to have 10 000 CP and you shall receive 150 NZD in your account.
The seventh level you shall receive 300 NZD for 25 000 CP.
The eighth level is quite tough as you can receive 750 NZD for 50 000 CP.
The last level is the toughest. However, you receive an award of 1500 NZD.


In most countries, casino games are illegal. Luckily, National Casino is a legal game that has a license issued by the Cyprus government. At no point should a player face any charges from the Cyprus government when using the Casino's site network.

The auditing committee takes the responsibility of ensuring there is transparency and fairness to all players. The committee ensures that the platform releases all the money belonging to the players and at the right time. Lack of transparency in the site, such as National Casino, can easily cause a rift between the players and the owners of the platform.

The platform uses technologies such as the cutting-edge to ensure that there is a high level of security to the players. When using this Casino, players have a guarantee of enjoying 100% gambling services. You need to play a game or use a site without having any worries whatsoever.

The site uses a Secure Sockets Layer technology that guards their communication with the player's network. The personal and banking data that players present when using the National Casino network undergoes encoding using Secu0re Sockets Layer technology. Therefore, players can be sure that none of their personal information will fall into the wrong hands.


You can be able to gain access to games available at National Casino only if you make a deposit first. They offer free games to players, or how else will you win any money? A payment plan is also put in place so that as a player, you do not wonder how best you can withdraw and deposit money.

National Casino has both cryptocurrency options and FIAT deposit methods. These methods of deposit are safe and secure for use by all its users. National Casino values the safety of its users anytime they conduct transactions. As a player, you have different deposit methods you can use and it's up to you to choose which favours you the most. Below are some of the methods you can use to make deposits:

• Online payment options such as Interact, Perfect Money
• Crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Bit coin
• Visa cards and Master cards

There is a restriction on the minimum amount that a player can deposit, which is 10 NZD. The maximum amount that a player can deposit varies with the payment method they choose to use.

You are free to use Visa or Master card payment method or Original Credit Transfer. The casino does not charge transactional charges to its players whenever they are making deposits. It is an added advantage because the players do not spend additional cash when making deposit payments.


National Casino is nothing without its players. The players are the main contributors to the success of the game. Gambling will not be possible without the players. That is why National Casino has a FAQs page that grants access to the players.

They use the page for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that the FAQs page contains reviews from different players who share their good and bad experiences from using the site. These experiences are beneficial to new players who show interest in wanting to play the games.

The page has both problems and solutions that will help players when using the site. It covers different topics such as bonuses, information regarding accounts, withdrawal options and many more. At least when you start playing the games, you will have an idea of what you will be doing and everything you need to know about the games and the site.

Final Rating

National casino falls under major online gambling platforms that are optimally designed. It is suitable for both regular and new players. The national casino is made so that it is easily accessible and adaptable to its users.

These factors give it the best reviews. A player does not struggle to use the site. What makes it more outstanding is that anyone who is willing to play the game and has a mobile phone or a computer can easily access the site and play the game.

The National Casino's FAQ page contains reviews from different players that can be useful to new players or someone who wishes to start gambling. As a new player reading through the reviews, you will know the common issues you will likely face. It will prepare you mentally before you can start playing the games.

The overall gaming collection is commendable. It offers players the chance to enjoy new games every day, thus giving players a different experience each time they play. The collection is wide; thus, you will always come by a game that interests you if the last one did not.

The quality of the games is always up to standard due to the maintenance that they go through. The live games, too, go through the same maintenance that the software undergoes. A player can enjoy the games on their terms.

This gives the Casino great reviews and high ratings as it will attract many players to use the site more often. They will be able to draw the attention of many new players or players from different gambling sites.

The various variants that the live dealer games possess give players the freedom of exploring the collection of games to capacity. It is made possible due to the presence of dealers who are hospitable.