National Casino Review in Canadian English

In modern times, gaming is an activity that has been gaining massive popularity among people of all ages. Gaming is not only a source of enjoyment but also income and therefore, players aim to earn money while still getting entertained. Consequently, this has led to the exponential growth of casino businesses since so many people are presently glued to gaming. Traditionally, players had to be physically present in casinos for them to play games.

However, there has since been a change in the gaming industry. Currently, gaming has become digitalized just like many other activities, owing to advanced technology. With the only required elements being a stable internet connection and a device such as a phone or a laptop, online games are conveniently accessible. Even so, players have the freedom to choose between going to casinos or playing the games online, in the comfort of their homes.

About National Casino

Run by TechSolutions and permitted by the Cyprus government, National casino is a gaming platform that has incorporated thousands of diverse games from numerous developers. It is a creation by a group of casino fanatics, to develop an exceptional gaming compilation. We can talk of it as a one-stop-shop for all gaming needs, where something is exciting for everyone.  Having been launched recently, it is relatively new in the gambling sphere. Nonetheless, being new in the market has not stopped it from making a statement.

With less than a year of existence since its establishment, the national casino already has an edge above its competition. From the look of things, it is a platform that will be a game-changer in the gaming industry. It is quite incredible that within such a short period, there are more than four thousand games on their site, all from over 70 developers. Prospectively, this is a site that has a promising rate of growth. The current number of games and developers onboard is an ideal metric to estimate the amount of potential within this gaming site.

Their site has been fashioned to be functional and to work seamlessly on various gadgets. Not to lock anyone out, there are features encompassed on their site ensuring simple navigation and the ease of creating a personally fitting setup. For instance, players get to select the language that suits them, as well as a preferred theme such as the dark one. There are multiple alternatives, all being friendly and effortlessly accessible to ensure the optimal effectiveness of the site. They keep in mind that players appreciate using a site that is without the hassle and feels like home.

Besides a captivating site with all the amazing features that any player wishes for, there are more impeccable elements. Once a player creates an account, there is a mind-blowing bonus, ushering the player on board. This shows acknowledgment of the player as an important bit to the success of the casino business. On top of this, it acts as an incentive that charms clients and creates loyalty of the player to the site. Aside from the welcome bonus, there is also a wide variety of other bonuses offered to players once they officially begin gaming.

This platform has also adopted the use of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. The use of digital currency has become quite common in the contemporary world even though most industries are yet to accept it as a mode of payment. Given that cryptocurrency is futuristic, it is in line with the ever-evolving technology. Its use in gaming has made it favorable for those who find it more expedient to buy goods or services using digital currency. This is yet another strategy that makes this site inclusive of all individuals, irrespective of their preferences.

Mobile Casino

Whether a player has a device that uses iOS or the Android operating system, either of the two is compatible with the national casino site. Advantageously, this site is entirely enabled to function effectively on various mobile platforms. On devices such as phones, laptops, or even tablets, players can gain access to the gaming site through their browser of choice. Upon accessing the site, the only requirement is to create an account and signing up before embarking on their gaming experience.  Even though there is no mobile application for this site that players can download and install, its web page suffices and extensively serves the purpose. 

On the brighter side, downloading applications eat up space in devices, and therefore, this site saves players this trouble. Data from games also get stored in the devices. For players who spend a lot of time gaming, their devices are slowed down and may crash when the data is so much that their devices cannot handle. Also, applications require to be updated frequently and are prone to bugs that interfere with their normal functioning. However, if an application will be developed, players will still have the option of accessing the games through a web page if they are unable or unwilling to install the application on their gadgets.

Games and Games Providers

National casino in partnership with top-ranking software developers has provided a broad range of casino games as well as online pokies. None of the games requires to be downloaded, as all of them are instant and ready to be played. As long as a player has created an account, this is enough for them to get started and select the game they love, from a very wide variety. The game library is so large that even the players who have very particular tastes have a couple of games that meet their expectations. They can also try out new games and probably get fond of them.

Whenever a player wants to begin playing, they should select “games” on the main menu. This option will take them to the game lobby where all available games are laid out for the player to choose from. Even so, the player can search for the game either using its name or using the game’s developer. From thousands of games, it can be quite strenuous when a player has to scroll through the entire list when looking for their favorite game. It is always easier when the player knows what they are looking for. All that they should do is feed the name into the search bar.

Slot fans have more than 500 distinct slots that they can select from. These slots belong to various themes, categorized depending on some specific attributes that they have in common. Some of these themes include sports, magic, and fairy tales. With this in mind, players are not restricted to playing games that belong to themes that they have no interest in. They can always explore more themes that may intrigue them. Luckily, each slot bears a demo that helps players get acquainted with unfamiliar games. Players, therefore, get a chance to look into the properties of the new games and practice.

Besides slots, there are table games, with the most popular ones being roulette and blackjack. The blackjack game has up to 50 distinct versions. The same applies to roulette that also has numerous variants to select from. These two games are the only table games based on software that is available on the national casino. The number and versions of games on the site are not fixed. Occasionally, new games are added to the lobby while additional versions of existing games are made available. Adventurous players love a platform that keeps them engaged with fresh and more challenging games.

There are also live dealer games that players can access and play remotely. Even though these games are played on devices such as tablets, some dealers perform their roles similar to how it is done in land-based casinos. Live dealers are professionals with the capacity to handle the games with the required expertise. Diverse tables and card games are available for players. On top of this, there is live streaming of these games, done in 4k quality. However, these games cannot be played for free since they require additional resources such as labor from staff.


The bonuses offered at the National casino are quite irresistible. Upon the initial signing up after successfully creating an account, players are offered a welcome bonus. This bonus is given for the first two deposits that the players make. Even so, the minimum amount of money that should be deposited is 10 CAD, for one to receive the bonus. For the first deposit, players receive a bonus of 100% matching up the deposit made. This has an upper limit of 500 CAD. This is also matched with 100 free spins. Players are awarded the first 50 free spins immediately after making the first deposit.

The remaining free spins are awarded to them a day later. But these spins are only used for the Avalon game, The Lost Kingdom. The second deposit, with an upper limit of 1000 CAD earns the players a bonus of 50% matching up to the amount of money deposited. In addition to this, players are offered 50 free spins that should be used in the Johnny cash slot. Players are prompted to fill in a particular bonus code for them to claim their deposit bonuses. There are more bonuses for the players to look forward to, even after enjoying the welcome bonus.

Regularly, players get promotional deals. This mainly applies to players who play frequently and spend a substantial amount of time gaming. Friday reload bonus is one of the other bonuses on this site. This type of bonus is quite common even in other gaming venues. It acts as a package to usher the players into the weekend. When players deposit a minimum of 25 CAD, they receive a 50% bonus based on their deposit. The bonus cannot exceed 250 CAD. This bonus is accompanied by 100 free spins that can be used for books of cats. Similar to the welcome bonus, the free spins are divided into two and not offered to the players at once.

There is also an offer of spins on Mondays. The number of free spins awarded is influenced by the amount of money deposited on that particular Monday. For instance, if a player deposits 25 CAD, they will receive 25 free spins. If the player deposits 125 CAD, they will receive 100 free spins. It is interesting that in this case, you can determine the number of free spins that you will be awarded. These spins can be utilized when playing journey flirt. This does not imply that bonuses are only issued in the form of free spins. Contrary to this, there are also cash prizes.

Players get a chance to bet as much as they can when playing a game like the mystery slot race. They earn leadership points depending on how much they have a bet. Since it is a competition, each player aims to earn as many points as possible and be at the top of the leaderboard. Those who earn the most points and take the top three positions are given cash as a prize for exemplary performance. Queen's table battle is another game where players stand a chance to win real cash. The game is moderated by live dealers and the prize pool at stake is 500 dollars.


In the national casino, some tournaments run frequently. Every player with an account and who has already made at least one deposit is legible to participate in tournaments. Live dealers oversee the games. Table games are the ones that are used during tournaments. Players earn points depending on the bets that they place on these table games. If a player places a bet worth 1 Euro, they are given one point on the leaderboard. Consequently, the higher the number of bets that one places, the higher their odds of emerging top of the leaderboard. It is important to note that in tournaments, slots are not incorporated. It is a strict table games affair.

In the tournaments, each game is broken down into rounds. Also, there is a prize pool already set, to be divided among the top participants. Upon completion of each round, the top 30 participants are awarded the cash prize. However, they do not all get an equal share of the cash prize. The higher the rank, the more the cash that the player will receive. All the prizes are wagered by a multiple of 3 and the prizes are expected to be wagered within a period of one or two weeks, depending on the tournament.

The mystery slot race runs every day and has a prize pool of 1500 Euros, matched with 1500 free spins. The first 30 players share the 1500 Euros, while the next 70 players share the 1500 free spins. Therefore, there are a total of 100 winners for every round. In this specific tournament, it is within two weeks that the prize is wagered. On the other hand, there is a queen’s table battle tournament. It takes place every 3 days and has a pool of 1500 Euros but there are no free spins. Only the top 30 players are taken into consideration, whereby the 1500 Euros are shared among them, in varying proportions. In these tournaments, the players’ winnings should be wagered within one week.

Live Croupier

The role of croupiers in the national casino is to manage gaming tables as well as collecting and distributing cash and tokens. A video feed is a medium used by the live croupiers to reach players during live dealer games. Since these games are live, they require the aid of a croupier for players from all over the world to gain access and participate. Through the croupiers who are actual human beings, there is a personal touch that can be felt even though the gaming is purely online. In addition to this, the live croupiers assure the players of a fair game as they ensure that all participants can witness the way the game is unfolding.

The live croupier is usually in a studio or a land-based casino. They are filmed by one or more cameras and the coverage is broadcast in real-time where every participant can see and hear them. The croupier engages the players by speaking to the camera and creating a warm atmosphere where all players are comfortable. A game moderated by a croupier requires a stable and fast internet connection for one to have an easy experience. Whenever bets are placed, the croupier is alerted and witnesses all actions through a virtual monitor. Unfortunately, not all games can be controlled by a croupier. This is because some games can only be played in a standard casino while others do not have the required elements to be featured in live dealer games.

Even though there is a limit to the number of games that can be managed by croupiers, this does not mean that there is a lack of variety. Having moderate variety is advantageous and reduces the possibility of an overload of alternatives. With a standard number of these live games, croupiers are not overwhelmed and also get a chance to comfortably handle the available games and deliver ultimate results.

VIP Club

The VIP club is an A-list element of the national casino. Numerous benefits are enjoyed by players that are part of the casino’s VIP club. Additional bonuses are awarded to loyal players. Those interested in receiving special awards are required to join the VIP club. This program is particularly fitting for players who use this gaming venue regularly or use it as their only site. In some countries, players immediately belong to this elite program by just playing online pokies using actual cash. Players who wish to join the program should first create an account, wait for the verification, make a deposit and begin to play.

It is worth noting that players will not be asked to pay any extra fee as proof of loyalty to the casino. Additionally, the player may use any device to join the club. As long as the device can access the casino’s web page and can be used to play online games, the player is good to go. Whether a player joins the program using their desktop or mobile phone, the amount of bonus is the same and is channeled to their accounts using all modes of payments. Such a scheme ensures that no prospective club member is locked out due to strict rules regarding membership.

This program incorporates 9 levels. The objective of the program’s members is to get to the higher level and receive awards. For this to happen, the player should garner unique points, referred to as CPs. At some point, these gathered points can be substituted for real cash. The rate of exchange is reliant on the level at which the player belongs. The higher the level, the higher the exchange rates. These members also receive other prizes such as free spins, especially at the beginners’ stage. When players advance to the 5th stage and beyond, actual money is part of the prizes they receive.

1. Level - 25 Free Spins

2. Level - 50 Free Spins

3. Level - 15 CAD + 20 Free Spins

4. Level - 30 CAD + 40 Free Spins

5. Level - 75 CAD

6. Level - 150 CAD

7. Level - 300 CAD

8. Level - 750 CAD

9. Level - 1500 CAD


The license that regulates the national casino’s operations is issued by the Cyprus government. There is also an inspection congress, responsible for frequent audits. This body warrants clarity and equity on the gaming site. Top-notch technology is applied by the platform, to enforce the highest possible degree of security. When players are setting up their gaming accounts, they are usually prompted to provide information, whereby some details may be very sensitive.

In an event where details such as passwords are compromised, the players are at the risk of losing their accounts to hackers. Consequently, these players need to guarantee that their private data is safe, and in no way shall it land in the hands of unauthorized individuals. With the rise in cyber-crime, online accounts are constantly getting jeopardized and identity thieves using them for fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, so many people have been personified and their identities are used for defrauding.

If not securely stored, the players’ banking details are prone to be mishandled. To keep their users from falling victim, this platform has put in place stringent anti-fraud measures. These regulations prevent all sorts of financial swindling. A very special and dependable kind of encryption is used, making sure that no external or unwanted party can access the private details. In addition to this, if a player tries any kind of extortion, their account is shut down.


Upon completion of the registration of the national casino’s account, the deposit options are displayed and made available for the players. Before making a deposit, players need to understand this gaming avenue guarantees ultimate security for players to safely conduct their transactions. Electronic wallets, cards, digital currency, and online payment alternatives are some of the accepted modes of making transactions on this gaming platform.

These methods of transacting money are reliant on the player’s country of residence. In the process of setting up their account, players can select their preferred method of payment from the list of available alternatives. The least amount of money that a player should deposit is 20 CAD, while on the other end, the maximum amount is reliant on particular payment methods. Each mode of payment has a varying upper limit to the amount of money that can be transferred at once.

When it comes to withdrawals, the minimum amount that a player can withdraw from their account is 10 CAD. The upper limit to the amount that can be withdrawn is 4000 CAD per day, 16000 CAD per week, or 50000 CAD per month. In instances where players have won more than the monthly maximum withdrawal limit, the money is divided into proportions of 50000 CAD. These installments are then wired to the player monthly.


The national casino, just like what every other business should do, cares for its clients and prioritizes their needs. It is for this reason that there is a customer support system put in place. This system aims to ensure that whenever clients reach out requiring assistance regarding the gaming platform, they are efficiently attended to, on time. The online chat is open throughout and customers can send emails at any time. Customers can also reach the frequently asked questions page where the most common issue is addressed when seeking clarity.

Final Rating

The national casino is an online gambling venue that is fashioned to suit both new and repeated customers. The layout of the site is simple to understand and navigate, even for individuals who are not tech-savvy. Prospective players do not need to worry about getting a device with a specific operating system for them to play. The site's compatibility with different operating systems eases the burden of clients having to purchase new devices. The compilation of games in the lobby offers players a vast range of alternatives to select from. Each player can always get something new to explore each time they access the game lobby.

The standard of the games based on the graphics used is of high quality, thus captivating players to get more engaged in gaming. This is owed to the top-quality job done by the games’ developers since the national casino incorporates games created by the best designers. Also, from the interface settings, the players can always modify some elements and align them to their tastes and preferences. Therefore, players add a personalized touch to their gaming experience, resulting in more enjoyment.

The bonuses are so lucrative that players are more encouraged to stick to this gaming platform. Whether one is a new player or one who has been using the platform regularly, they all stand equal chances to be rewarded. On top of this, players have been offered to join the VIP club, which has additional benefits for them to look forward to. The promotional deals are also quite an incentive to the players. The professional support team also goes a long way to ensure that necessary help is accorded to clients whenever they need it.

The national casino is a safe and dependable gambling platform. It is an ideal casino that has an edge above its competition, due to advanced features that enhance its customers’ gaming experiences.